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Cleaning A Boat Canopy M

1. Hose down regularly to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained in weave of fabric.
2. The canopy will leak for approximately 4 weeks along the stitching lines. Please allow the stitching to swell throughout this period before using any form of sealant and remove anything that may be affected by the water from the area.
3. Do not use a pressure washer on the cover.
4. Wash carefully without excessive scrubbing at temperatures below 40°C and soft soaps.
5. Do not use chlorine solutions, detergents or solvents.
6. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry naturally
7. Do not tumble dry
8. Ensure fabric is dry before storing
9. For best results fabric should be reproofed after washing and drying.
10. Do not cover the canopy with a tarpaulin.  
11. Ensure that the frames are seated in the seams correctly to avoid water pooling and distortion of the canopy
12. Ensure that the canopy is fitted correctly to the fittings provided when the boat is left to avoid potential shrinkage
13. Please expect the fabric to loosen in damp conditions and to tighten in hot conditions. 

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