Terms and Conditions

Please do not cover your canopy with any kind of sheet or winter cover, it will cause damage. PVC & canvas canopies may drip a small amount of water when newly fitted, stitching is designed to swell up and seal. Our canopies are made from a standard specification unless otherwise stated, the specification is, black webbing straps, black stitching, black Velcro and black/gray reinforcement edging. Upon completion when canopy is fitted and full payment is received, we don't take responsibility for any design alterations after. Our canopies are covered for workmanship for 1 year, but if any repairs are required the canopy will need to be bought to the Titan Boat Canopies Workshop. Although we always try to meet our customer’s demands, at anytime we can cancel the design requests if we do not believe, at the time of template designing, it is achievable.

Copying of existing canopies

Although we will try to copy your existing canopy to the best of our capabilities, due to the differences in manufacturing of different canopy makers we cannot guarantee and do not accept any responsibility of the new canopy being 100% the same as the one we copy. When supplying replacement canopies to an exact copy we do not take any responsibility for pooling of water on top of the canopy. We look after our customers as much as we possibly can, any problems which may be caused by our workmanship and ways of manufacturing we will always try our hardest to get the fault rectified as quickly as we possibly can. Titan Boat Canopies retain sole ownership of the goods supplied, until payment is received. Non payment will result in repossession of the goods or restriction of service

Fitting new canopies to steel boats

Although we take all the care possible when clearing up after working on your boat, we do not take any responsibility for loose iron filings when working on steel boats. We do not take any responsibility for badly applied paint on your craft.